Backdoor Fun: Anal Striptease

Backdoor fun who doesn’t love it?  We were in the room alone. I know he just wanted my ass but I was going to make him beg for it. Then I walked in wearing a slinky silky black dress and black stiletto heels. I walked slowly toward my intended target. No music played in the background as I made my way toward him. I walked slowly then dropped to my knees and began to crawl. He smiled. He sat on the couch legs closed. I forced his legs open when I reached him and nestled myself between his legs. Slowly climbed up him and rubbed myself against the length of his body. I forced my big tits in his face and he was overwhelmed. He began grabbing at me so I seductively pulled away.

Out of his arms reach I removed my dress to reveal the corset, stockings, garter belt and black lace thong underneath. He eyed me open and down and began to grin from ear to ear. I ran my hand down the length of my body and said “Mr. F do you want me? Beg me.” I began to crawl toward him again this time turning around so he could view my tight little ass. I rubbed my ass against his entire body.

Began by grinding slowly in his lap then finally making my way to his eager face.

I shook my ass in his face and as soon as I felt his hand move to touch me- I moved away quickly. Frustration was getting to him as I removed my black lace thong and wiggled my ass slowly as I did. I got on all fours in front of him again. I propped my ass in the air and inserted my wet finger in my puckered hole. ” Come and get me” I said. In two moves he mounted and fucked my other tight hole. I howled in delight.

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