I was  spending the weekend with my boyfriend in the city. I had recently moved 2 hours away from the city and it is really great when we can get together on the weekends. Although I do hot phone sex all week and I get to masturbate to some hot calls.. I am always ready to have a nice hot cock inside me and this week in particular I was very horny.
So off to my boyfriends condo I went.
We were anxious  to see eachother and were really starting to get into some hot sex
much to our surprise His brother dropped by surprise and needed a place to stay .What a drag ! After all my boyfriends condo is small and there wouldn’t be any chance for loud fun sex. After a while of chatting with his brother I pulled my guy aside and reminded him that I needed to play, My boyfriend Knew that his brother was wide awake and no way ready to go to bed and that’s when he suggested we go play in his car ! At first I was like..No way !
He grinned at me an convinced me that it would be fun.

Besides, he lived along a secluded road and we could have plenty of privacy and fuck ! it could be kind of freaky being totally nude in the car.As soon as we could we snuck off to fuck.
We moved the car a little up the road but not too far with a few trees close by. There Wasn’t a ton of room, but I started fingering my cunt as I sucked him off. I slid two fingers in and out of my by now dripping pussy. Sucking his sweet cock always makes me dripping wet, so I played with my juicy clit, teasing it as I deep throated him and he soon shot his load down my throat.

He told me to lean over the front seat all the way and he then parted my ass cheeks open and started to lick my cunt from behind, fuck, I love that position, it makes my clit stick out so nicely, and he flicked it back and forth with his tongue and worked a couple of fingers inside and kept teasing that stiff little clitty with his mouth. I was in heaven!  As I was enjoying this hot  licking from behind, my eyes fluttered open and I was facing the back of the car and I could see someone that seemed to be against a tree and was fucking watching us ! I immediately recognized it as his brother !  It kind of pissed me off at first but decided it would be more wicked if I  didn’t tell my boyfriend that we were being watched and I decided to give his brother a “show”. I told my boyfriend that I was ready to be fucked and really wanted to be on top and let’s go to the back of the car and we did.

Totally naked, I climbed into the back seat, glancing back to see if he was still there watching..And he was.
I knew that we were in full view and it turned me on so I
was so ready to have that aching, throbbing cock in my pussy, so I straddled him and rode him really hard and sexy as he sucked my nipples, and I ground my clit against the base of his cock and rocked back and forth. I came all over his cock and when I got off of him, I licked it clean of both of our juices. We stayed there a while in each others arms, and then pulled our clothes back on and crept back up to his condo. I had been quite the exhibitionist!

It was a bit awkward when we walked back in and his brother was getting a glass of water and leaning against the kitchen counter with a grin on his face directed at me.

My boyfriend’s brother is much closer with me these days! I’m not sure if I should confront him about the incident ? You have any ideas? opinions? Why not give me a call?

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