Most of us have babysitting stories from our youth

Most of us have babysitting stories from our youth.  And most are boring, but things can happen to change that. I had been sitting for this couple on the weekend when they went to an out of town wedding. The kids had gone to bed and I was just watching t.v. for a while before I went to bed myself. I heard the key in the lock and wondered who it was. They weren’t expected home until the next afternoon. It was their college age son. I hadn’t known he’d be home for the weekend. They didn’t either, but he stopped in sometimes unexpectedly.

I knelt down on the floor in front of him and took his dick out

I told him I was alone with his younger siblings overnight while his parents were out of town. He smiled and then poured us some drinks. I accepted and he sat next to me on the sofa. We chatted a bit and then he leaned over and kissed me. I didn’t stop him. I’d always found him very good looking, but had never had a chance with him before. I always wanted to have hot sex with him.  We kissed and I knelt down on the floor in front of him and took his dick out. I pumped it in my hand and licked and kissed it. His precum was sweet as I licked it off his cock.

He Kissed Up And Down My Body

He pulled me up and started to undress me. I was soon nude before him and he laid me back on the sofa. He kissed up and down my body, lingering on my nipples and sucking on them. His hands roamed my body and grazed my pussy lips. I opened my legs for him and he stroked up and down my wet slit. His fingers were soon wet with my musky nectar and he lifted them to his mouth to taste them. He then dove right in and licked me until I was writhing beneath him. I wanted his cock so badly in my pussy. I pulled him up and told him to fuck me. He pushed it inside of me with ease.  And I was so dripping wet it slid right into me.

I felt a huge orgasm welling up inside of me

I wrapped my legs around him and put my feet under his ass cheeks.  Then I pumped him deeper into me with every thrust. I bucked up against him so his cock thrusting hit my clit on every stroke. I felt a huge orgasm welling up inside of me. It felt so good and then I just exploded. I could feel my contracting cunt milk his cock and then he blew his load. Squirt after squirt of his hot jizz sprayed my insides and he collapsed on top of me. We just lay there catching our breath, pondering what just happened.


Babysitting stories don’t always have a sexy theme in them, most are boring or funny. This one was definitely erotic. We fucked again a few times in his parents bed overnight. They weren’t coming home until the next day and the kids were fast asleep. He’d wander back into his room before they got up in the morning. It was certainly unexpected, but a lot of fun. He was great in bed and sexy as hell. I hoped we could find the opportunity to play again soon. I love telling long hot stories.Give me a call when you need some

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