Recently I was watching a good comedy on t.v., the movie from the 1980’s, “Adventures in Babysitting”, and it brought to mind some of my old babysitting adventures, but mine were a bit naughtier than the ones in the movie were. Some of the husbands in the families I sat for must have been quite sex deprived, as they frequently gave me lustful stares and I could always feel their eyes boring into my ass and my tits when I was nearby.

Once I’d been watching a movie on t.v., the kids were asleep upstairs and I was waiting for the parents to get home. I’d fallen asleep and was on my stomach and all of a sudden I could feel this hand sliding up the backs of my thighs and onto my ass and gently squeeze it. I thought it was a dream at first so I was just laying there and continuing to feel this hand all over my ass and then I realized I was awake and I looked over my shoulder and it was the husband of the family I was babysitting. I rolled over and he continued to feel up my tits and rub the nipple of my one breast through the thin tee shirt I was wearing. It got hard at his touch and he smiled at that. I asked him what he was doing and he said just admiring the view.


I sat up and asked where he wife was. He said she’d gone right upstairs tired and was going right to bed and he said he’d pay me and take me home. I got up and gathered my bag and purse and went out to the car to wait for my ride home. He wanted to be friendly, eh? He got in the car and one he started driving I reached over and unzipped his pants and started giving him a hand job and he was enjoying it. Gripping his cock that was starting to ooze pre cum, making his dick all slippery. He was moaning as I touched him, the horny bastard. Wonder what wifey would say if she knew her babysitter was getting her husband off in their car?

I stroked him up and down and he was loving every minute of it. He pulled in my driveway and it only took a couple of minutes before he came all over my hand. He put his cock away and I sweetly smiled and told him I’m glad he had a good time. He was grinning like an idiot and I said now that he’d had a good time, I would like a big tip, or else I’d be telling his wife what had just happened. The grin on his face slipped away and his jaw dropped. He looked a bit angry even, but he knew he wasn’t really going to have a choice in the matter, so he took out his wallet and gave me a fist full of cash. Good thing he’d apparently stopped at the ATM on their way home. This trick had worked a few times with families I sat for, it’s always good to be a resourceful girl I have found.

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