I was back in my old neighborhood recently,where I grew up. I had bumped into an old acquaintance. A guy
who remended me of a time when he and I had a naughty experience when we were really young.


School had just ended and I decided to make some extra cash by babysitting for a family. It was late one night I had just gotten the two kids to sleep, the parents weren’t supposed to be home for hours, and the babies annoying older brother was staying at a friends house and I found myself utterly bored. I went to school with the babies brother he happened to be a grade younger than me and was creepy and annoying so I was glad he was gone for the night. I laid across the big comfy couch in the living room and started browsing the internet on my phone. Something came over me and I decided to look up some porn. I got hot and bothered as I watched a steamy video. I soon became carried away and next thing I knew I had my pants off and was heavily fingering myself with my legs spread wide open. I was getting close to completely drenching myself and the couch with warm pussy juices when I heard a noise at the window.
I jumped up and looked out the window to see that annoying fucker standing there snapping pictures of me. I felt enraged and embarrassed. When he noticed me he walked through the front door acting all cocky and bold. He flipped the phone towards me and showed me the explicit photos he had just taken. I shouted at him to delete them all.
He told me that the only way he would delete them was if I fucked him and  he said if I didn’t he would send the pictures to everyone I knew. I was enraged but I knew that the only way to make this go away was to do as he said. I agreed and he pushed me towards the couch while he unbuttoned his pants. He slid his pants down himself and relesaed his cock. I was amazed at how extremely big it was and my eyes lit up. I was still horny so I decided to enjoy the experience since I had to let him fuck me either way.
I laid down across the couch and spread my legs wide as he stared hard at my wet pussy. His cock hardened to it’s full size and I was flabbergasted and extremely turned on at the same time. I could feel my pussy grow even more wet as he walked closer towards me.
He climbed on top of me and began to kiss my neck as he slowely pressed his cock into my pussy entrance. I gasped when every inch was thrusted deep inside of me. I could feel my juices flowing as he fucked me harder and harder. I dug my nails into his back as I began to cum. My juices sprayed out of me soaking the both of us as I moaned very loud. He seemed to like my ability to cum like a fountain and began to fuck me very aggressively. He pulled out his cock and squirted his warm cum on my smooth belly. I made him promise to never speak of the event and he deleted the pictures from his phone. ..Or so I thought.

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