That Babysitter Has You Wetting Your Pants With Cum

The moment you see the babysitter, you stare. Your cock throbs and ache to be touched by no one but her. She notices and bends over to talk to people across the room, her little skirt rides higher so you can almost see those cotton panties you so often rifle through to touch. You know you plan to sneak those later to sniff them. Hoping there still warm from her pussy.

She knows you watch her. She knows you want her. That wifey of yours just can’t cut it the way she used to. Not like this girl can. You go wild when her stance widens while she is bent. You close your eyes for a moment to imagine sliding your solid peter into that tight dripping cunt. Imagine how soft her pale white skin would feel under your rough hardened hands.

You would love the look of her red hair being tousled around from how hard your pounding into her body. Love it even more if she looked over her shoulder at you with a pained need for more. So you push her face into the bed and pull her ass higher, you hold both of her shoulders and grind in deeper and more violent.

You’re need to be inside of that pussy is so urgent that the front of your pants has a wet spot growing.

You open your eyes and see she is sitting across from you. She is staring at that wet spot. Licking her bubble gum lip gloss off her bottom lip. Looking hungry for a taste of you! You can see her squeeze her crossed legs together…her clit needs to be rubbed.

You look over and see that soccer mom wife of yours with her equally stuffy soccer mom friends talking about your kids allergy to whatever the fuck it is these days kids can’t have…air probably at this point. You almost start to loose your hard on…until she winks and leaves the room.

You follow her into the garage, no sooner is the door closed and you have her bent over the trunk of the car and your face pushed into that sweet young pussy. She reaches back to pull her ass apart so you can get deeper. Is it really so wrong to look at your 15 year old babysitter like this? Do you really care? Your babysitters pussy tastes like a slice of fucking fresh strawberry pie.

Better hurry up and slam that stiff dick into her. The birthday party is almost over. Be sure to leave that little twat full of cum, you know how she likes to dip her fingers in afterwards and taste you!


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