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When I was in my teens I did a lot of babysitting to earn extra money. I was a good babysitter. The kids and parents liked me, so I was never short on jobs. One time I was looking after this girl and after I had put her to bed I was downstairs doing some homework.  Her older college age brother came home unexpectedly. He hadn’t told his parents he was coming home and he was surprised to see me there as well. I said his parents had gone out for the evening and wouldn’t be back for several hours.

He got a couple of drinks from the fridge and handed me one. He sat down across from me and we started talking and he asked if I had a boyfriend.  I said no, and he was a bit shocked and said such a pretty girl as me should have one.  He got up and sat down beside me and leaned over and kissed me.

He Was Hot For The Baby sitter

He was a few years older than I was, but very handsome and I certainly didn’t object to him kissing me, not at all. I leaned back and pulled him onto e and he kissed me hard and reached down and started to fondle my breasts through my tee shirt. I sat up and pulled it off. He then slid his hand down my jeans and into my panties and started to rub my pussy, which by now was sopping wet. Who knew being a babysitter could be so much fun?

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My clit was all stiff and he moved his fingers back and forth over it and I was bucking my hips up to meet his hand and it felt so good. He stood up and took his clothes off and I peeled off my jeans and panties. He got on the sofa on his back and had me straddle him. I lowered my shaved pussy down onto his cock and started to ride him, my tits were bouncing in his face and he was rubbing the nipples with his thumbs, making them hard. My juicy pussy was soaking his cock and balls and I was really grinding against him hard.

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He grabbed my ass cheeks and was helping me glide back and forth in a good, steady rhythm. I started to squeeze my pussy muscles all around his cock to milk him from the inside out and it wasn’t long until I was pushed over that edge to orgasm and as soon as I came, my contractions around his cock triggered him to shoot his load of jizz in my cunt.
I came really hard and he gave me quite a load. We had just a bit of time to get cleaned up before his parents were due home and we were just sitting watching t.v. when they came in a little bit later and they were shocked to see he’d come home unexpectedly for the weekend. They were none the wiser. Yes, being a babysitter can have many unforeseen advantages!

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