I bet you never thought babysitter sex would happen to you.  You never thought that you would be a part of such a naughty babysitter sex story?  Well, neither did I. However, your wife leaving you to go out of town with such short notice felt like a total set up.

 When she calls you at work to share the news about the large account she just landed for work, you are super excited for her.  She goes, on to tell you that she will be leaving in a couple of hours for the airport and three days she will be away. You immediately start to panic — the thought of you being left home with two small kids. Not to mention you have work projects to complete. It makes you nervous. Sensing your panic, she is she tells you to calm down. She’s already has everything handled. That’s when she tells you about me staying for the three days.

It was Friday afternoon when your wife contacted the babysitting service. Now, I had been contracting with the agency for three months to get a little extra cash. Your wife called and informed the agency that she was going out of town for work on short notice and needed someone to help her husband with the kids. The agency gave me a call. While it was short notice, I agreed because it came with a bonus.  They sent me all of the information for the job.  

My first day on the job!

The instructions given let me know I need to pick up both kids up from school.  So I headed to scoop the kids up and carried them to your house. They were great kids and no trouble at all. You arrive home and notice that the house was in order, the kids were in bed and you could chill and relax.  I hear you in the kitchen looking for dinner, so I eagerly go to meet you.   

Babysitter Sex is the first thought in your head!

I introduce myself to you as the new nanny.   As you extended your hand, I noticed you cock was extending too.  I guess the tiny panties and t-shirt I was wearing had him standing at attention.   Not to mention, your wife left town, and you had not had sex with her in at least two weeks.  So when you saw me,  babysitter sex was definitely what was on your mind.  I must admit you had my little panties moist too.    You excused yourself for a shower, and I headed up to my room.

After your shower, I could hear your footsteps and then a knock on the door.   I told you to come in.  You make small talk while sitting on the edge of my bed.   I could tell you wanted to fuck me but was just too nervous to ask.  Leaning over and place my hand on your thigh and say,  “You know I was sent here to take care of you and the kids.”  I slid my hand from your thigh to your cock I ask, “Do you want to be taken care of?”  Your lips still pressed together, but your head bobbed up and down to say yes.

Stay tuned to find what happened when I share Part 2 or call me so we can make our Role Play Phone Sex call.

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