I Have A Good Babysitter Sex Story I’d Like To Share

I have a good babysitter sex story I’d like to share. When I was in my teens and twenties, I did a good deal of sitting. Sometimes the dads were pretty hot, and the wives cold and bitchy. I could tell when the guys are being neglected by their wives since they’d be looking me over like a steak dinner. One such father I really liked. He was good looking and had a good job. His wife must have been nuts not to service him any time he wanted. I was more than happy to. I looked at it as a good deed as well. He wasn’t getting any from her I’d have bet. I decided I would get him into bed.

His Frigid Wife Was Gone

One night I went over when I expected to babysit and he was the only one home. The frigid wife had taken the kids spur of the moment to her sister’s for the weekend. She forgot to call me to cancel. This was the perfect opportunity right in front of me. He apologized for no one informing me but invited me in. He’d just gotten a pizza and he asked me to stay and have some. It was the first time we’d gotten to really talk uninterrupted. The kids were always running around and the wife absorbed in some drama of the moment. I think he was lonely for company, and I was happy to offer mine. A very hot babysitter sex story was about to unfold.

We Went Straight To His Bedroom

We had a pizza and a few beers and watched a movie and talked. As the night wore on I inched closer to him on the sofa and he finally took the hint. We made out like crazy before he asked if I’d like to take it to the bedroom. I nodded my head, yes and we ran up the stairs to the master bedroom. Their king-sized bed was heavenly and he got on his back and I straddled him. He started to squeeze my tits and peel my clothes off. I could feel his hard cock underneath me through his jeans. And I started to dry hump him and he loved it.

I Licked His Cock Like A Lolipop

He couldn’t take not feeling our skin against the skin for too long, and we were soon naked. I got down between his legs and took his dick in my mouth. He groaned with pleasure, saying his wife wouldn’t do that for him. I said I was glad to suck his cock. He was writhing with pleasure as my tongue snaked around his hard shaft. I licked and teased and sucked my way up and down that throbbing member of his. I cupped his balls in my hand and then popped them in my mouth and suckled on them.  And I then began to lick the tip of his dripping cock like a lollipop. He soon shot his load down my throat. It took him no time to get hard once more. He pulled me back up to ride him and I sank down upon his full erection.

This Babysitter Story Came To Life

I moved my hips in little circles as I ground my stiffened clit against his cock. My tits bouncing as I did so. He took his thumbs and rubbed their pink tips until they were stiff little balls. He then leaned forward and sucked on them. My cunt was so wet, his slippery cock was just sliding in and out of me. I was loving how he felt inside of me. This babysitter sex story that comes to life was really hot for us both. I only wished I’d gotten to fuck him sooner, as he was great in bed.

It Was A Great Weekend

I rocked against him and he grabbed me by the hips and bucked upwards, faster and faster. And I knew I was about to explode upon his dick and I bit my lip and soon came on his cock. That triggered him to shoot his load deep inside of me in hot jets of cum. He squirted and squirted until he filled me and overflowing back onto his cock. We both just lay there panting, his softening cock inside of me still. We spent the next twenty-four hours fucking until the wife and kids were about to come home. It was one of the most fun weekends I’d ever had.

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