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Sometimes fear can be a potent aphrodisiac as I found out one time in my teen years. I’m sure most of us that babysat have one or two babysitter sex stories, I know I certainly do. This one time I was babysitting for this single dad I sometimes sat for, and he said he;d be out quite late. Great, I thought, I could have my boyfriend over once the kids went to sleep    and we could have some hot sex  until shortly before he was due back. Only it didn’t quite work out that way. He came home early and caught me and my boyfriend fucking on the sofa. Oh boy. Not good.

My boyfriend high tailed it out of there and I was left red faced and very embarrassed. He was furious, yet I could also see he was sporting a hard on in his pants. I had very strict parents and knew this would be a disaster if he told them. I’d be punished severely, and he knew it. So he had a little deal for me I had no choice really but to take. He said if I let him fuck me, this would go no further and my parents would not know about it ever. If I declined, he’d not only never hire me again, he’d be paying a visit to them in the morning. I had no real choice but to agree.

He told me to lay back on the sofa and lean my head over the arm of it. I heard him unzip his pants and then I saw him take his cock out. He brought it to my young lips and told me to suck it, which I did. I opened my mouth wide for him and took his dripping shaft into my mouth and nursed on it. He groaned with delight. I slurped away on it and he was really fucking my mouth. He then came around and pulled me down the sofa and said he was going to finish in my young pussy. I was still wet from my boyfriend fucking me and hadn’t cum yet.

He slid his dick inside of me and I grimaced at his girth, he was a lot bigger than my boyfriend. He really fucked me hard. I was wondering as he did how many other girls had babysitter sex stories like this one. More than I’d care to think did, I’m sure. He was not gentle and really gave my young cunt a pounding, calling me a slut and a little whore, and I knew he was super aroused.

I had to admit, it did feel good though, and I liked the way he stretched me out and I knew I was going to cum from his fucking me. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down hard on me and started to wildly buck my hips.  So I squeezed my pussy muscles and could feel him deep inside of me. I knew he could feel me milking him from the inside out and he loved it. I was soon biting his shoulder as I came and my contractions made him squirt. He soon got off of me and got out his wallet and paid me my money for sitting and some extra on top of it. I knew I’;d best not bring my boyfriend back here again when I sat the next time.

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