Babysitter sex stories are something that I am never short of.   This naughty little tale always makes my panties wet when I think about it.  So, I cant wait to share it with you.   First of all,  Tom was just my kind of seduction prey.   He is a committed dad and husband that worked hard for his family.  However, I know for a fact that his cock is starving for affection.  Yet his wife is always way too busy to give him the hot fuck he needs.   This is where I tend to strike best and believe me, he could not have never resisted.

It started after a late night at the office

Both the husband and the wife worked a lot and kept long hours.  This particular night, Tom arrived home about an hour before his wife.   I had already fed and bathed the kids, before putting them to bed.   So naturally, I had to wait until his wife can home before he would drop me off at home.  Tom drank a couple of glasses of wine with his dinner before he picking up the phone to find out how long she would be.

He was playful with her, telling her that the kids were asleep and that he was in the mood to have a little fun.  I could overhear her telling her how tired she was and how she just wanted to come home and go to sleep.  The look on his face showed his disappointment.   Right then, I knew he would welcome his role in my babysitter sex stories.

Babysitter sex stories…Take one!

I went upstairs to get my bag and prepared to leave once she got there.   When I reached down the stairs the wife was coming through the front door.  She barked for Tom to carry me home and he did as ordered.   Sliding in the passenger seat I slid my already short skirt up my thighs making sure that my panties were showing.  Our babysitter sex stories were just about to begin.

As he got in the driver’s seat I followed his eyes right up my thighs and to my panties.   When he noticed me looking at him look at me he turned his head quickly to avoid eye contact.  However, it was impossible to hide his massive hard-on.    I put my hand on this thigh,  his body stiffen but that did not stop me.   I kept going until my hand was stroking his hard cock through his pants.  I said, “Relax, Tom.”  as I released his cock from his pants.   “I won’t bite, I only want to suck”.

Time to turn it up a notch!

I leaned over the seat and took his hard wet cock into my mouth.   It was dripping with pre-cum and I slurped it all up.   While trying to keep the car on the road he continue to drive me home while  I gave him the sloppy wet blow job that his cock had been craving.   I bet you want to know all about what happened after we reached my house.   Well, I can not wait to tell you either.   If you are looking for more true sex stories  with a kinky phone slut  call Mallory at 1-877-729-7626

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