Have you come back craving more erotic babysitter sex stories?  I hope you have already gotten your tongue wet from the first blog “Babysitter sex stories made this ebony pussy wet”; because this is part 2. Get ready to enjoy how this naughty babysitter gets everything she wants for her sweet ebony pussy and more.

 Babysitter sex stories continued…

So there I was playing with my wet cunt, and a few mere finger strokes from about to bust the biggest orgasm when you caught me by surprise. I opened my eyes and saw you standing over me. I jumped up embarrassed and pussy still twitching but you just smiled at me and pulled the covers back. Your eyes and hands explored my ebony body. Your fingers began to rub my swollen clit making me even wetter.  You open my legs wider to taste the juices that flowed, devouring that pussy until I came. The more I squirmed and begged for you to stop the harder your tongue worked.  
Pleased with yourself and leaving on the bed, my legs shaking and pussy throbbing, you got undressed. MMM… this babysitter story is just about to get hot. 

Damn that dick was bigger than I thought!

After undressing your hard dick bounces up and down, ready to get in between these wet pussy lips.  I expected your cock to be a nice size, but he was bigger than I thought.  You looked at me like a lion to ready to pounce on its prey.  I can’t wait to feel it, so I open my legs ready to receive all that fat cock.  Placing my legs over your shoulders you pounds that pussy while kissing your sexy sitter.  The thought of us fucking you the bed you share with your wife make you pound it even harder.   You can help but to full that tight pussy with cum. 
Do you want to know all of the naughty details?  I am already hot and can’t wait to share.

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