Many have the desire to dabble in the fetish of Ass Worship.  I want to explain the definition and ways that you properly worship the ass of your Ebony Mistress   I want you to be fully aware of what it means to ass worship as well as giving you several different types of ass worship techniques that are acceptable for your Mistress.

Ass Worship Fetish:  What is it’s definition?

Ass worship is a type of worship for those with a fetish for ass.  In a Dom/sub relationship, it’s a type of submissive worship. Ass worship is generally performed by inserting your submissive face into the space between your mistress’s butt cheeks.  There a beautiful and erotic art to worship.  This is one of many ways that you can shine for your Mistress, to show your devotion and submission to her.

Types of Ass Worship

There are many types of ass worship, the first one we will learn is The Sandwich.  I will lay on my tummy, with my ass slightly poked upward.   You will spread my golden brown cheeks apart then you will proceed to bury your face in my ass.  Next, you have Against the Wall.  This is where my sub sits up against a wall and me backing my ass into your face. I want to make sure my ass is completely smothering his face. My final type is called The Prayer.  My sub would be kneeling down on his knees and then inserts his face into my sweet ebony ass.

Now that you know what this fetish of Ass Worship is and have been given a few types of Ass Worship you are now ready to give your Mistress’s ass the love, honor, and respect that it deserves.  Come pay tribute to this bootylicious piece of perfection.

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