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Browsing through the babysitter sex stories looking for your next role play adventure? Keep reading you don’t want to miss this crazy sex story! I have been babysitting for this couple for awhile now and the dad and I have had a secret thing going. But recently he decided we take a break because he’s afraid of getting caught. Personally, I don’t take well to breaks and I think I proved that this weekend. The call came from his wife asking if I could come by Saturday and babysit. I was informed the older boy was coming home for Holiday and would arrive later in the night and then they went on their way. The night went as should and by 9 everyone was in bed. About thirty minutes later the college son had arrived. He set his things in his old bedroom and came back to properly introduce himself.

He’s cute like his dad and certainly has my attention. We had some laughs and even exchanged some flirts. I knew if I could just get a few drinks in him he would be mine. His father kept a bottle in his office and I snagged it along with two glasses. Things moved along very well after the drinks. He never noticed I kept refilling his glass when it was low. But then the moment finally happened, his big college cock was fucking my mouth. His hands running through my hair, there was hair pulling too. My hand was stroking his shaft while I sucked him. I could see he gets his big dick from his daddy. He fucks like his dad too!

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And I knew the nanny cam was sitting there on the shelf. I use to avoid doing anything to get caught on it but now I’m trying to get caught. As Colton bends me over the couch fucking me I can’t stop thinking about his dad catching us. I moan loud and yell for him to cum inside me. Colton’s dad is going to be so jealous when he sees our sex tape. Stay tuned to my babysitter sex stories for an update. But if your looking for a role play, cock sucking queen or even a little hot phone sex call me now . I got all the barely legal teen stories that’ll drive your cock crazy.