Babysitter sex stories have been making my pussy so wet lately.   The thought of seducing my new employer into cheating sex was so hot.   It all started with your wife placing an ad for a nanny.  She was looking for someone rather quickly since she was to be out of town on business.  After reading all the details I answer the ad with references.  After a lengthy interview and her contacting my references, I was hired.  We agreed that I would start Monday because Tuesday she was flying to Dallas for 2 weeks.  

On Monday, she introduced me to your beautiful 2 kids and began to take me through the routine of the previous nanny.   Making sure I was aware of everyone’s schedule and bedtime.  Just as we were finishing up the day is when you walked in.   She introduced us and I noticed you trying not to make eye contact.  How cute.  She advised you that she and I had just finished cooking dinner and that I would be staying the night to get the kids ready for school tomorrow. Dinner went great!  We all seemed to get along and it was time for bed.   You showed me to my room.

The next morning!!

You got up early to take your wife to the airport and I got up to get the kids fed and dressed for school.   I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to the guest bathroom for a shower.   I got undressed and tried to set the water.  However, there was something wrong with the knob.  The more I turned it the looser it got.   Finally giving up, I wrapped a towel around my naked body and walked across the hall to your bedroom. 

Babysitter sex stories

Of course, I knew you would be coming back to the house after dropping her off.  But naughty babysitter sex stories began to play in my head and I knew I was ready to cause trouble.   I heard you enter the house and head upstairs.  So I positioned myself at the top of the stairs and dropped my towel as you reached the top step.  Your eyes glued to my body and I don’t even try to cover up.  An instant boner appears in your pants and I knew I had you right where I wanted you.

I placed my hand on your throbbing cock and began to massage it.  You make a weak attempt to move my hands but I drop to my knees and pull at your raging hard cock and begin to suck it.   You almost make me laugh when you give the weak response, ” we can’t do this.”  But your hips thrusting your cock in and out of my mouth says something different.

Your phone is ringing uncontrollably in your pocket.  You pull it out to see it’s your wife.  With how good I was sucking your cock you couldn’t possibly answer her call right now.  The next call was your boss, you answered.   Looking down at me with your cock in my mouth made you even harder.   I listened to you tell him, “something came up with the sitter and I will have to work from home today.”   That made me deep throat you even deeper.

You had been thinking about it too. Those hot babysitter sex stories had your cock rock hard all night, the night before.   I bet you are eager to hear how my naughty little babysitter sex stories continue.   I want nothing more than to give you every little detail.   for more hot dirty sex stories and taboo phone sex  Call Mallory at 1-877-729-7626