Making dirty sex stories was never what I expected when my city was threatened with a hurricane.  If you love naughty neighbor sex stories, then this one is going to be right down your alley.  It all started with the flashing of hurricane warnings on our local TV stations. For days the weathermen seemed unsure of the direction of this massive storm.   As it became more and more clear that we could be in the pathway, I knew it would be best to gather a few more supplies to prepare for the storm. After shopping, gathering everything I might need in case of severe weather I hunkered.

Lounging on the couch in front of the TV with a glass of wine, I watched the play by play action from the meteorologist.   He continued to warn the locals of the high winds and heavy rains and he was right. Outside the wind was blowing so hard the windows shook.   The lights flickered on and off a few times before finally shutting off for good. I laid on the couch and sipped my wine until the storm finally passed.   When the winds and rain subsided I threw on a pair of jeans and rainboots to survey the damage. My place seemed to fair out pretty well, only a few down trees, some flooding in the yard and down power lines.  However, my neighbor had a tree fall on his roof! I ran across the street to see if he was ok.   

Neighborly help! 

As I approached his yard, the front door opened.  Out came a sexy man soaking wet from the intense storm he just went through.   I introduced myself as his neighbor and pointed to the across the street. We shook hands and I offered to let him come to my house to stay.  Elated by the offer in his current situation he quickly agreed. He grabbed a couple of bags and we both marched through the watery street back to my place.  Once back at my place he was able to help me hook up the generator so that we could have some electricity. I offered him a shower and my robe while we waited to hear back from the city and power company about when services could be restored. We were told that it could be weeks, so we decided to make the best of it.   

The streets were flooded, power outages and most of the stores in the area were either closed or damaged.   We were stuck.  My neighbor suggested that we make use of the wine and tequila we had at our disposal, so we decided on a drinking game.   It was fun and help pass the time, but it also made me super fucking horny.  I was at the point that I was ready to make some hurricane dirty sex stories with the hot naughty neighbor I was with.

Let the dirty sex stories began!

It had been several days since we had been stuck in my house together and the sexual tension was running high.   After our drinking game, I definitely needed a shower.   I was completely ready to make some hot and dirty sex stories that night.   Excusing myself from the couch I headed to the master bath.   Purposely I forgot to bring my towel so I called out for my naughty neighbor.   He came into the bathroom and I didn’t cover-up because I wanted him to see me.  Seductively continuing to massage the soap all over my body I invited him in to join me.

He climbed in the shower our bodies wets and rubbing against each other.  His dick was hard and pressed its way between my thighs.  The fleshy head glided over my hard clit and sent to into a frenzy.   Grabbing me by my ass, he lifted me onto his dick and began to bounce me up and down on it.  My pussy was stretched to the max with his big fat cock and I loved every minute of it.

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