Babysitter sex stories, Once upon a Halloween night!

Babysitter sex stories, Once upon a devilish Halloween night! Late one evening a young hot teen was babysitting all alone. It was the night before Halloween a night just like tonight when this young 16-year-olds life would be changed forever! Halloween was just hours away and the girl was on edge… There was just something creepy in the air that night. After putting the kids down for bed she decided to sit on the couch and watch some scary movies, it was the perfect night for it. Not long after the kids went to bed the house was completely quiet, the only sound coming from the TV.

All of a sudden there was a crash by the window… She jumped clearly startled and she looked around the room. So seeing nothing she decided to get up and investigate. The window was wide open the curtain flapping in the autumn air and a vase of flowers fell to the floor, the glass shattered everywhere. Quickly she closed the window getting a chill from the cold air outside instantly making her perky nipples stand at attention. She decided to clean up the glass and shake the eerie feeling tingling up her spine. Checking on the kids they were all asleep and the house was quiet again. As she was walking down the stairs she could swear that she could hear footsteps behind her.

Babysitter sex stories, Once upon a Halloween night!

Maybe she was just on edge and tried to shake the feeling of eyes on her. Not long after she fell asleep on the couch. Forcefully woken up she had a hand over her mouth and hands around her legs. She had no chance at a fight they ambushed her. It took her a moment to realize what was happening and who was there. There were two men dressed in Halloween costumes, One was Michael Myers and a creepy clown with sharp teeth and blood dripping from his mouth. The clown was by her feet with a clear bulge in his rainbow pants.

The clown said with a creepy giggly voice “Do what we say and nothing bad will happen to you.” Then Michael held her down clearly the accompliceHe pushed up her skirt and pulled down her panties and raped her tight young 16-year-old pussy!

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