We were very open about sex in our household. So, our kids had an advanced knowledge of sex and what they wanted to experience. This, of course, leads to more babysitter sex stories. Let’s get into that now.

My husband was out-of-town on business. My girlfriends wanted to do a night out. At the time our son was a preteen. Even though he was very smart and self-reliant I still wanted a babysitter at the house with him. Jenny was the babysitter I called, and she is our next babysitter sex story.

My son was very curious about experiencing sex,

but I never thought this would happen!

I left Jenny and James at the house and headed out to have fun with the girls. We were going out for dinner and a few drinks. Not a late night but some time away. After our night out, I caught a ride home. When I came into the house it was quiet downstairs. The television was on but playing low. Jenny wasn’t downstairs either. I called out, but no one answered.

I headed upstairs. As I got to my son’s room, I heard strange noises. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see Jenny completely undressed and my son with his face between her legs. They both jumped and were trying their best to cover up. I asked what was going on as if I didn’t know. Oh, the experience from this would be so helpful for my GILF phone sex!

I told them both to calm down and let mommy play too.

They were now shocked but said okay. We moved to my room. Once in there my son and I both spent time between Jenny’s legs. She had the sweetest little pussy. Trimmed nice and neat. My son was in heaven. He was getting two women for his first time. As we finished with Jenny’s pussy, she and I moved to my son’s cock.

We gave him the blowjob dreams are made of and he came loads. When he was ready to do more, I had Jenny get in position for doggy style. That way she could eat my pussy while James fucked her. He was very well endowed. As he slid his cock inside her I got into position and let her eat my pussy. She was very good at it too. We spent the next couple hours experimenting and having fun.

After we were done Jenny headed out. My son and I sat there talking and he said it was the best night of his life. I had a good time too and told him maybe we could do more as time went on. Family sex stories would be happening more and more.

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