Babysitter Sex Stories Can Be Pretty Naughty

Lots of us that have babysat over the years have some hot, babysitter sex stories. But mine is pretty hot, or I always thought so, you tell me. This man I babysit for sometimes, he was very nice and he had this huge master bedroom with a king sized bed and a big screen t.v. in there. And lGisele babysitter sex storiesots of times after I’d put the kids to bed I’d watch movies while laying on his bed. Since he had all the premium channels on the t.v. that was in his bedroom. I don’t think I ever let on I went in there and did that.

He Walked In As I was Playing With My Pussy

I always made sure I was out of there before he returned home. But this one night I was laying on the bed and had one of his porn channels on. And I was fingering my pussy right there on his bed and he came home early and I heard him clear his throat at the bedroom door. And he caught me with my hand down my panties and watching people fuck on the screen. I pulled my hand out of my panties and turned the t.v. off, but he’d seen me.

He said he should tell my parents what he’d walked in on, but I begged him not to. They were religious and I’d never hear the end of what a sinner I was. He said he’d not tell anyone on one condition, and I asked what. He said I had to fuck him and do what he wanted for the night. I was a bit surprised, but felt I didn’t really have a choice in the matter so I agreed. He said he’d checked on the kids before finding me and they were in a deep sleep. He walked in the door and locked it behind him and got undressed. This was the first of my own babysitter sex stories that took place with him.

He Told Me To Get On All Fours On The Bed

His cock was so hard already, I assume from seeing me masturbating. I had no idea how long he’d been standing there watching me touch myself. He knew my pussy would still be wet from it. And he took of my clothes and told me to get on all fours on the bed. He walked up to the side of the bed and his stiff cock was at my mouth. And I opened my mouth to suck on it and it was pretty big. I gave him a wet sloppy blow job and I assumed he’d cum in my mouth. But he said he wanted to cum in my teenage pussy, so he withdrew his dick from my mouth. And got on the bed behind me and eased that dick into my dripping, young cunt.

He said the night before he’d been watching some babysitter sex stories on the porn channel. And he’d thought of me as he watched them. He pounded my cunt from behind and he was actually pretty good. And I liked how his cock felt inside me. He pumped and pumped and reached around and played with my clit as he did and I was soon cumming on his cock. I felt him explode inside of me, and we collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. After a while I got dressed and I walked the two blocks home.

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