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Being in control of two horny teen boys was like Heaven to me.  The way the boys took their time licking up all the booze I spilled on myself.  I loved how they took turns swapping licks to my clit.  They were very sensual boys.  They apparently had watched so much porn they didn’t need me to show them what to do.

I gave one of the twins the blunt to hit as I started to smoke his brothers cock.   They had huge dicks.  I was extremely turned on by the length and the thickness.  I grabbed a hold of the other twin and started sucking them both off at the same time.  

 I could not wait any longer.  I needed a hard fuck stick to satisfy this pulsating pussy!  I guided the boys to exactly where I wanted them.  I wasted no time laying one down and climbing on top of him.  Sliding his cock up and down my clit right before I slammed my pussy down hard on his throbber.  I thought he was going to cum right then.  I was good though, I had him hold out for at least a whole minute.  I tried to make him hold off longer, but just ass I was climbing off that mountain cock, he blew is load all over my ass.  He drenched my butthole with his cum.

These boys were driving me wild.  The warm cum dripping on my ass was such a rush, I slammed my pussy back down on that dick and pulled his brothers right next to my ass.  I started poking my sexy little brown eye against his cock.  I knew he was nervous.  I think he was not sure if I really wanted.  But I did, I was so close to cumming, I wanted it deep and hard in both holes.  The words “pound that ass” slipped from my mouth, and that is exactly what happened.  I was being fucked so hard in my ass, I had instantly came on both of their dicks.   Both of them filling my holes cup with cream.

After I got dressed, I looked at the two boys.  They were almost cuddled together with a smile on their faces. It looked a bit too intimate for brothers.  I mean they were caressing each other almost spooning.  I truly didn’t mind though.

Next time, for my selfish pleasures, I am going to make them show each other how much they real love one another.

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