I always get so excited when the Johnson’s ask me to come over and baby sit their twin boys!  I mean they are old enough that they do not need a babysitter. I guess they like to get into a lot of trouble when their parents leave them home alone.

This time their parents were going to be gone the whole night.  I had a movie planned for us, was going to lay out all the junk food, get a bunch of blankets, and just hang out watching the tube until we were too tired to stay awake.  Well, that was plan anyways.  It didn’t happen like that though.

I had noticed the boys were hiding in the garage as their parent’s were headed out the door.  They didn’t bother to come in to say good-bye or anything.  They just yelled their goodbyes.  The parent’s may not have known what they were doing but I  had a pretty good idea.

I headed into the garage and instantly smelt weed, and booze.  Those boys were getting fucked up.  I scared the shit out of them by making a loud entrance.  I grabbed the bottle of rum and the blunt they had out of their hands, took a nice swig off the bottle and the hogged that herb to myself.

They begged for it.  Pleaded for it.  Promised to do anything for it.  So… I took advantage.  Told them to take off their clothes.  Made them do a little strip tease for me.  Then  I told them to undress me. As they did, I poured the rum over my chest, down into my belly button, and let it drip over my clit.

I told them if they wanted to hit that blunt they had to takes turns cleaning up this booze, I had accidentally, on purpose spilled all over myself.

This game went on for a while.  I bet you really want to know what happened.  I  guess you are going to have to either wait for part two, or call me and hear about the whole night. ~Kisses~

~Naughty Sitter Caden Candy~