Babysitter Bangs Mom in a Surprising Twist to the Old Story!

I met the Hunicutts through my best friend. She is no longer babysitting for them as she has a regular job now. Notably, the pay is great, and they are a super nice couple. Of course, she left out the part about babysitter bangs mom.

Or, maybe she isn’t as naughty as me. Mr. and Mrs. Hunicutt are both power players in the business world. I love the energy around them. Of course, the whole house is buzzing with its strength.

Oddly, I don’t find him as attractive as I do her. And, it turns out she is crushing on me as well. This week, Mr. Hunicutt is out of town for work. Furthermore, she will need me more as he is gone.

Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for babysitter bangs mom time.

She is staying late at work tonight and texts me to meet the kids after school. Additionally, I am happy to do it. We hang out, do dinner, homework, and I get them tucked into bed.

Once she arrives home, I am relaxing on the sofa watching tv. I am wearing my booty shorts and crop top. She can’t take her eyes off my body as she is setting her bag down.

My skin is tingling with excitement as I am trying not to look at her. Am I really going to have this babysitter bangs mom experience? God, I hope so! She is so fucking sexy.

As she is sitting down beside me, my pussy is getting wetter and wetter.

Oh, my, gosh, I want her so badly right now. She turns to me and says, “You are gorgeous, and I am extremely attracted to you.” Whoa, talk about straight to the point. I tell her it is the same for me.

She leans over and kisses me. Fireworks are exploding in my head and body. We are making out as she is sliding off my shirt and bra. Soon, she has me completely nude.

Wow, this lady is smooth.  Additionally, as she is kissing her way down to my pussy, I am getting goosebumps all over my body. Once she is eating my pussy, it is amazing. This babysitter bangs mom thing is awesome.

Although, it would seem she is banging me.

After I climax, she is undressing. Her body is absolutely gorgeous. Hard lines and perfect curves. Then, I start exploring her with my mouth and hands. I reciprocate by giving her orgasm after orgasm with my tongue.

She actually squirts all over my face, and it rocks. God, she tastes incredible. After we do that, we lay together for a bit, and then we are back at it. We spend our time together simply fucking each other’s brains out.

She even takes me up to their bedroom! How naughty I feel when she licks me in their bed! It is surreal to be in their bed, but I don’t want to leave it. We fuck for hours and hours. I can’t remember cumming this much, ever. What fun babysitter bangs mom is! I bet you would love to hear all the dirty details!

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