My Best Friend And I Have A Secret

My best friend and I share everything, and I do mean everything.  Ever since we were in our teens. There’s been times when one or both of us was between boyfriends. Especially when we’ve both had no one, that we have turned to each other and had lots of hot sex together. We always kept it a secret when we did have boyfriends, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? Honestly, I’ve always felt no one went down on a woman better than another woman. That’s always been my experience, anyway. The boyfriends we have now are both real climbing the corporate ladder types and away frequently on business. Leaving us lots of free time to play together.

Our Secret Was Exposed

Recently, I was over at her place for the weekend when her boyfriend got home a day earlier than she was expecting him. And it was a bit awkward when he arrived home, since when he did. He walked in on us when she had her face buried between my thighs and was sucking on my clit and I was moaning so loud. We didn’t hear him come in and when we noticed, he was literally standing beside us. We had such shocked expressions on our faces, our secret being exposed like this.
He looked shocked as well, but his shock soon turned to pleasure. As we noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger as he was watching us and he soon said not to stop on his account. My boyfriend I don’t think would have been quite as cool. He was quite the voyeur ! He’s a bit more of a conservative type and wouldn’t approve of this kind of secret. Right as I was thinking that, he pipes up and says he’d like to join our little sex session and we’d best agree, or he’d tell my boyfriend about us.
 Gisele Has A Secret

We Had No Choice We Had To Let Him Join Us

I felt I had no choice, since I knew he’d drop me if he found out. So we agreed and told him to get undressed and he said he just wanted to watch for a little while. And we did sixty nine for a while in front of him as he laid back and stroked his cock. Then he told me to get on all fours. And he came up behind me and started to fuck me as my friend went underneath me. And continued to lick my pussy. I must say, I hadn’t planned on this playing out this way, but he did have a nice cock. And I can’t say I minded it too much, he knew how to fuck and it really enhanced things having my friend lick my clit with her boyfriend’s cock inside of me fucking me.
I knew this would all have to remain a secret between the three of us. But at least now she and I didn’t need to hide our special friendship from her boyfriend anymore. He seemed to love is and being a part of it. I hadn’t have a threesome in years, and I loved it. There really was more fun to be had with three than with two. I guess having our secret discovered wasn’t the worse thing, it might even prove t be a lot of fun.
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