Baby boy Robbie’s gotta learn to be a big boy again

Baby boy Robbie?  Once again, you’re a whole year older, and yet you’re still a little baby who can’t seem to catch up to the big boy.  Mommy has tried and tried, but you can’t seem to grow up past the age of 2.  You won’t eat big boy food.  Only mommy’s milk and apple sauce.  You won’t use the big boy, potty.  Only diapers.  I can’t even put pants on you because you pee-pee so much that it leaks out everywhere.  It’s no use, baby boy.  You’re just not big boy material.  So, instead of going to the next grade, you’re going back to Kindergarten.

“B-b-but, all of the big kids will see me go to the kindergarten room!”

Oh, that’s not all they’ll see.  Since you leak all over the place with your big pee pee messes, I’m going to have to put something else on you.  How about this cute, lacy purple dress?  Direct access and no mess!  Unfortunately, it is a bit small.  It’s not like dresses like there were meant to go on such a big boy.  But when life gives you lemons…

Anyway, it’s not so bad.  Sure, the big kids will see your diaper and hear it crunching with every step you take, but maybe that’s a good thing.  What’s not a good thing is if you went on yourself and everybody saw.  You wouldn’t be able to kid something like that.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  All of the other students watching your white diaper get heavier and soggier and droopier as your weak little cock makes a big mess might be what gets you to get off of your tookus and go to the potty.

Then again, maybe not.

Maybe all of your classmates being ahead of you will convince you to do better.  After all, ALL of the kindergarten class knows how to go to the potty all by themselves.  How’s it going to look when the BIGGEST boy in class has to get changed by the teacher in front of everybody.  Imagine having to lie down on the changing table in front of everyone and have your diaper taken off for all of the girls and boys to see!  All of that pee pee might be the least of your problems once everyone sees how small you are down there!

“But you always said all widdle boys were this small!”

Sweetie pie, you’re not little anymore.  Yes, you’re practically still a baby, but that part of you should have been growing along with the rest of you.  Instead, it’s short, puny, and pathetic.  I bet if you put it next to every other boy’s, it would still be half the size of the smallest one.  That’s what happens when you refuse to grow up.  You get stuck with a little shrinky dink.  Well, maybe your teacher will be nice and try to get you as hard as possible so that the kids don’t tease you too much.

“Hey everybody!  Let’s get Mr. Turtle to cum out of that shell!  Tickle tickle tickle!”

Oh no!  She’s tickling your turtle head out, and it’s still so short!  Maybe with the girls’ help, it’ll come out a bit more.  Mommy knows how much you little it when your tiny little cock gets tickled and teased.  You ooze all over yourself until you can’t hold back any longer.  You’re not going to shoot right in front of everyone, are you?  That would be sooooo embarrassing.

*spurt spurt spurt*

Right out of your teacher’s blouse.  I have to admit; the distance was pretty impressive.  But we can’t have that happen all willy nilly.  I’m going to have to lock junior up tight until you learn to control yourself.  Only big boys get to cum.  You’re not a big boy.  You’re a naughty, unpotty-trained, dress-wearing, pacifier-sucking, breast-feeding, nap-taking, diaper-humping, squirt baby.  That’s what you are, and I have a feeling that that’s what you’ll always be.  So get used to it, sweetie.  Everyone’s going to be laughing at you for a looooong time.

Are you an apathetic, little adult baby boy who can’t seem to grow up?  Call my phone sex line and let mommy regress you back to your mental age.