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Growing up I’ve always been extremely close to family especially my nephews. Often they stop by my place or I’ll stop at theirs for a visit. They have a best friend. His name is Aron. When I met Aron I know he was googling auntie fucks virgin on his browser every time. I made that little nerd nervous. Aron stared a bit too long at my tits and could barely say a word in front of me. So of course I made it my fucking goal to be sure I was his first. I could smell virgin on him, all I needed was some alone time.

My nephews and their friends were over enjoying the pool at my place. I think secretly my nephews liked showing off such a hot aunt. Once it was time for lunch I asked Aron if he’d like to go with me to grab some pizza. Aron nervously agreed and ventured out in the middle of the day. I didn’t even order. I needed the most time out while I had him with me. This was my chance to fuck Aron and I wasn’t going to let it go. The minute we got in the car and the seatbelt cut into my cleavage perfectly Aaron has an erection.

I drove into an almost empty parking lot and turned off the car. Aaron was so nervous I had hear his heart beat. I reached out and started stroking him over his pants. There was something to innocently delicious about Aron. Yet when I pulled his dick out it was thick and big. Aron was not circumcised and his mushroom cock head was covered. The first stroke revealed precum and I just couldn’t contain myself.

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I tasted his precum with my finger. Then I immediately started taking his cock deep down my throat. Aron came immediately. I felt a gush of jizz shoot into my throat. He was creamy and delicious. Just the right around of sweet and salty. I moved away from his cock only to find out he was still hard. Aron apologized. He said even after cumming it would never go down. Aron was blushing and I was ready for the ride of my life. I smiled at Aron and kept deep throating his fat dick. After awhile I grabbed his hand, placed it on the back of my face and made him pump into my mouth again. Aron came again.

With his load in my mouth I hopped on his dick. But I didn’t care who saw us in the car. I wanted that young cock deep in my cunt. I needed him to stretch me out. Then I teased his dick and Aron begged me to sit in him. I pushed down, all the way down. While sitting flat on his lap, I pulled my tits out and put them in his face. As he started sucking on my nipples i couldn’t help but grind and cum on his cock. Once Aron felt my cunt pulsate on his dick he busted his last load in me.

Once we got pizza, we went home. Aron was no longer a virgin and I knew he’ll be coming back for more of my pussy!

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