We Need To Talk, Baby


Before I tell you all of my cheating housewife confessions you have to understand I am passionately and unequivocally in love with you. I want to be with you and I have no doubt about it. But sometimes I have needs you can’t understand let alone fulfill. Marriage sex just isn’t the same and to be honest, it was always average. Sometimes I am in need to feel used. I am in need to be turned into a dirty little cum slut. And for that, I need a huge cock, something you my dear and beloved husband do not have.

My latest conquer was your boss, baby. On this past thanksgiving dinner from work him and I exchanged some looks. After that we just knew we had to have each other. While everyone was on the dance floor I sneaked away into the shared bathroom. To my surprise your boss was already waiting there for me when I came out. He pushed me right back in and pushed me down to me knees. Do you want me to continue with my cheating housewife confessions? Or should I spare you the embarrassment?

Your boss is a tall, dark man. I didn’t have to see his dick to know it was big. The minute he pulled out I was still shocked at the size of it. I have never ever had such a big black treat in front of me. What did I do next, you ask? Well baby, I opened my mouth wide and let your boss use my throat until I gagged all over my dress. I lied and told you water had splashed all over me but it was my own saliva.

My Cheating Housewife Confessions Get You So Hard

Your boss kept using my throat some more. He kept whispering through his moans how much of a slut I was and how bad he’d been wanting to face fuck me for years. Can you believe that baby? Your boss has been wanting to use me for years now!

Once he was ready to fuck me, he did just that. Your boss was the best dick I’ve ever had. All his ten inches slipped into my soaking wet pussy at once making me gasp for air. His thick cock stretched me out so good. I want bent over the bathroom sink looking at myself in the mirror as he fucked me from behind. What were you doing at that time I wondered? Dancing away? Looking for me?

Me? What was I doing? Baby, I think you know the answer. I was cumming on his cock as he kept pounding me from behind. His big black dick pushing in deeper, stretching me out more, making my pussy cream drip on his balls. Do you want to know the last of my cheating housewife confessions? When your boss was ready to explode he decided he was going to fill me up. I felt his thick creamy load shoot in me.

That night after the holiday work dinner I was still so horny for your boss. Do you remember what we did once we got home? I made you eat me out until I came. Your boss is the reason I tasted so good.

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