To My Surprise My Aunt Was Working As An Escort

I was visiting my aunt last week and I got a bit of a shock. And I found out she was working as an escort for the last year or so. I hadn’t visited her in a while, and obviously there were some changes in her life since I last did.  And I was staying with her for a few days and on the first night I was there, I turned in early. I was a bit tired from the trip to go see her and in the middle of the night. I was awakened by some noises, so I went to go see what they were.

In the living room, she and this man were having sex. I just stood there and watched and was starting to feel aroused as I did so. She was sucking on his cock and he was really face fucking her. She saw me out of the corner of her eye. And came over and whispered to me she was an escort and this was one of her clients. I could either go to bed and forget what I’d seen. Or if I wanted, I could join them and I could make a little bit of money as well. I was intrigued to be sure and wanted to join.

She Asked Her Client If He Was Interested In A Threesome

She went back over to her client and asked him how he felt about an impromptu threesome? And he happily agreed, she beckoned me over to them and he got on the sofa on his back. And I was told to sit on his face, which I did and man, could he eat pussy, his tongue was fantastic! She got on top of him and straddled his dick and rode him while he licked me. Gee, I was glad I’d wakened up! This was fun! She soon came on his cock. I came on his face and he shot his load inside of her and after a few minutes, we all got up. He left cash on the table and he went home. I got some of the money and was thrilled.

She Wanted Me To Help Her Outdana escort 2

She told me she saw clients daily and would I like to “help out”? like this during my visit? I said of course, and I quizzed her on how long she’d been an escort and what was it like. How much did she make, etc. She answered all my questions and I was thinking this was a great way to make money. Later that afternoon, another client came by and we went to her bedroom. She got on all fours as he fucked her from behind .

And she asked me if I’d allow her to lick my pussy laid out in front of her as he fucked her. And I said yes, he was watching over her shoulder and he came hard, he made a terrific noise when he came and she was just as good at licking as her client the night before. He also paid and then left when he was finished. I left several hundred dollars richer than I arrived, and now I was wondering if I’d like to try being an escort myself, it’s something to think about.

I Love My experiences as an escort.

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