Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man

Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man named Jimmy. That’s me by the way. You see Dawn and I would hook up every time I came to town. We arranged to meet at my hotel Jacuzzi.

When she arrived, Dawn had brought her young niece Christine with her. She leaned down do kiss my cheek then asked in a hushed voice,

“I hope you don’t think this is too much to ask, but is it OK if Christine comes with us?  She won’t be in the way.  In fact, she needs exposure to adult ways.  You seem like such a nice guy that I think this will be a good opportunity for her.  What do you think?”

“By all means, Christine is welcome to join us.”  Christine smiled shyly when she heard this, and I smiled back.

It was time to adjourn to my room.

We quickly got out, and the ladies followed me to my door.  I opened it, switched on the light, and followed them in.

As soon as the door was closed again, Dawn dropped her towel and stepped into me.  I dropped mine and we embraced and kissed.

“Christine, come here,” her aunt beckoned.  Christine moved over to us and I hugged her with my left arm while holding Dawn with my right.  Dawn had her right arm around Christine.

“Jimmy, go ahead, it’s OK.  Feel free to interact with Christine as you see fit.”

Her bikini revealed a budding body any guy would appreciate.  I leaned toward her and she responded in kind and our lips met.  Her lips were sweet and full.

I pulled back a short distance, her green eyes were brimming with curiosity and desire.  We kissed again, this time deeply.

Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man
Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man

She leaned her hot young body into me.  Meanwhile, Dawn was smiling, stroking my bare back and chest with a gentle, loving touch.

I reached over with my right hand and ran it over Dawn’s magnificent front.  Her breasts were indeed quite firm, but not artificial feeling.

She laughed as she said “Why don’t I make it easier for you?” and undid her top and let it fall to the floor.

Wow, they were beautiful tits, very big but not too big, not sagging but jutting straight out, and tapered in sexy beautiful shape.

And her nipples were amazing, her areolas hugely puffy and the tips large in diameter and length, and rock hard.

I could hardly concentrate on kissing Christine as Dawn showed off her wondrous assets.  “Do you like what you see?” Dawn inquired.

“Oh yeah!” I responded with a grin.

Aunt Dawn was now busy rubbing my ass through my trunks.  Christine’s top just needed to come off, so her beautiful young breasts were revealed.

They were not as large as Dawn’s, but sizable, firm, upturned, and with hot hard nipples atop greatly puffy bases.

I started sucking her right nipple and she moaned.  Dawn had her hand down the back of my trunks and slipped it under, between my legs, up past my balls and around to my cock.

Oh!  “We need to get these bathing suits off!” she declared.

Rather than let go of each other, we each used our free hand to help pull down the bottom of the person to our right.

Christine’s pussy was clean-shaven, too.  Her eyes were glued to my genital region, as she had never seen a man naked before in person.

Dawn got down on her knees, took my cock in her hand, and started sucking it.

“Christine, please join me down here.  Watch what I do, then see if you can do the same.”

Oh my God.  This was heaven.

Dawn had a perfect technique, taking in the whole length, letting it out slowly while grabbing it tightly with her throat and mouth.

She did this for a while, then said “OK, now it’s your turn.”

Christine gamely took my dick in her hand and eagerly put it in her mouth.  “Mmmm” came the muffled sound of her delight.  Now she got into the spirit of it and started sucking me like a veteran, taking the whole length in and licking the head and tip with her tongue.

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Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man
Aunt Dawn her Virgin Niece and a Traveling Man

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