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I’d love to introduce to you my audio sex stories. They’re the same as my normal kinky blog, except they’re recorded on my sex sultry voice, for your listening pleasure any time you want. Just ask me about my audio sex stories and we can definitely set something up. What’s amazing about this opportunity is the fact that I can customize them. Anything you want, any way you want it, we can do it! As with my naughty phone sex calls, there are no limits.

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Sit back, relax and listen to your favorite blog, then, of course, call me and we can rub one out together. I want you to hear the passion in my voice, as I read that deliciously naughty blog of your choice to you. Hear my breathing increase and my voice intensify as I get closer and closer to my climax. Of course, I will save my finale for you and we can reach the height of pleasure together. I think this is another tool for us to have, to engage one another and really explore more.

I love nothing more, than exploring with a naughty man like you through personal audio sex stories. You see, I want you to bring out the best in me and I’ll bring out the naughty in you. Then, I want us to explore with one another and to push past boundaries. There’s no limit to the fun we can have with this. Why reach for the sky, when we’ve been to the moon? Let’s explore above and beyond what you’ve ever expected. I know you love the sound of my voice, I know you love my blogs, or so I’ve been told. Why not combine the two, into something naughty and personal for you.

Have a role play in mind?

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