Audio sex stories have landed here in Phone Sex Kingdom land gentleman!

Audio sex stories are coming to you via Adriana & my’s podcast called WTF Did She Just Say? We plan to interview each girl on The Kinky Crew and find out if they have any kinky things they wanna confess like I did.

It’s true, I have my own dirty confessions. When I do my adult chats between calls guys wonder what is real and what is fantasy. If you didn’t think a girl like me could have my own bag of filthy and embarrassing stories, you’re in for a surprise.

My story/confession is how I found out I enjoy fisting. I haven’t taken his full hand yet mind you, but one night when he was licking my pussy he decided I was lubed up enough to take more than a few fingers. When I say a few fingers, I mean all fucking 5 and some palm!

The orgasm that built over a span of 30 minutes was truly something. My pussy spasmed and squirted all over the bed. I really had no clue that he had that much of himself in my pussy. Often times my Dom will film our fuck sessions, so when he showed me the playback I was shocked to find out how I achieved my orgasm.

The other confession you have to listen to the podcast for if you’re curious enough. I think you should all know that we are doing a confessions segment on the podcast twice a month and would LOVE to have you all send us your dirty little secrets. All anonymous¬†of course!

Turn your secret into hot audio sex stories for us all to enjoy! Get extra FREE phone sex minutes when you do!

Next time you call a girl on my Crew tell them your sexual secrets…

audio sex stories