Sex tape, you know you’ve made one, watched one and more than likely will star in a few more. If you haven’t made a

sex tape you’re that much smarter than the rest of us. My ex and I loved to talk about my job doing phone sex. He seemed to ask a lot of questions pertaining to humiliation phone sex.  His cock would flex in this pants when I would describe how many sissy boys would call and confess their love for cock sucking.

After some time of getting to know one another went by my ex confessed he was curious about sucking cock. Mmm, how scintillating! I was all about it and arranged everything for him to experience it. We went to a well-known sex shop and chose one of the viewing booths that also had a glory hole.

I dressed up my ex before we left in a full sissy boy outfit. Stockings, garter, bra ect. I brought heels along with me and some mascara with lipstick. He removed his street clothing and waited for a cock to pop through the glory hole. Didn’t take long for the first cock to show up hard and ready.

I began filming his first cock sucking sex tape. He would wanna watch it later and probably jack off to it.

Oh did he ever look like a hungry whore. Reminded me of Hungry Hungry Hippo’s only it was a one slut show and he was hungry for cock & cum! (You know you laughed!)

My ex satisfied at least 8 guys that afternoon. What can I say I loved that we shared that experience until I realized he no longer came to me for sex. I was bitter towards him when he finally confessed he had been sucking cock behind my back for months after I exposed him to it.

I wanted my own revenge! So whats a spiteful bitch do? If you’re me, you email his rivals the dirty sex tape! Being that he was in the military I knew word would travel fast. I later found out he was humiliated beyond belief, but in a strange turn of events he also hit the jackpot and started getting, even more, cock from other horny soldiers!

I’ll tell you all about part 2 next week. Until then if you wanna have some free phone sex, check out the promo The Kinky Crew has going! Read another one of my sissy phonesex blogs in the meantime!

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