My fiancé watched as I was attacked.

I was being attacked by strangers that were let into our house after posing as employees from the gas company. Thinking I would be saved by my fiancé when he got back upstairs with the other guy, I went along with what the guy upstairs told me to do. You can read all about that in part one of this hot story here. Boy was I wrong. My fiancé moved to save me but was quickly held back by guy number two. He was forced into a chair across from me and made to watch as the first guy pulled his cock from his pants and shoved it into my mouth.

Wrapping his hand up in my hair, he started to fuck his thick cock in and out of my mouth making me gag on it. I knew he was amazing at eating pussy so when I saw the size of his cock I was even more excited. There was no way I should have liked being attacked but I couldn’t help it. It just felt too damn good! My fiancé wasn’t ever this dominant and even though we had good sex, it just wasn’t ever like THIS!

The intruder fucked my mouth until spit was pouring out of it, coating my chin and his balls. He pulled out and violently shoved me down onto the couch. My fiancé tried to fight again but was held back down by the other guy. I felt the guy grab onto my ankles just before he yanked my body down so he could have better access to my pussy.

As my fiancé watched the guys long thick cock start to push into my tight pussy he grew quiet.

I gave up fighting at that point and my fiancé thought I was just cooperating. I didn’t want to get hurt. But when I started pushing down to get more of that cock he realized that I wanted this stranger’s cock in me. It didn’t matter that they had attacked me. At this point, I just wanted more. I’m surprised my fiancé didn’t try to fight after he realized that I was now a willing participant. But I soon found out why.

The guy holding him down found some rope and had bound him to the chair. As he was tying him up, he announced that my fiancé’s cock was rock hard. “Oh look,” he said, “your man likes watching your pussy getting attacked.” He let out a little laugh as he made his way over to me. His friend had already been pounding away at my tight cunt and let out a loud moan as he filled me up with his hot seed.

Moving in for his own turn, he slid his cock into me just as his friend pulled out. I took one look at his dick and wasn’t sure if I was more scared or excited. The size of his cock was beyond anything I’d had before. With the cum dripping out of my pussy he had all the lube he needed. The head of his cock, even though bigger than the last, slid into me fairly easily. It was the rest of it that took some work. He worked it in a little at a time, stretching me around him.

My fiancé was hard as a rock and looked frustrated as hell that his hands were tied to the chair.

He couldn’t even play with himself as they attacked my tight cunt. The second guy pounded into me harder and harder until I started squirting all him. It didn’t take long for my tight, slick pussy walls to have him shooting his own load deep inside my womb.

He pulled out and his cum dripped out of my hole down the crack of my ass. They untied my fiancé and told him that since he enjoyed the show so much the least he could do was clean up the mess. They grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him down into my used pussy and made him lick it clean. He attacked my dripping snatch like never before. I swear that was the best he had ever eaten me out! Just wait until you hear about what happened after the intruders left. If you think it was bad that I was attacked. You just need to wait to see what happened to my sex life after that!

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