I couldn’t believe I was attacked in my house!

My fiancé and I never thought we’d be attacked in our own home. We were spending some quality time together on Saturday evening when there was a knock on the door. The two guys that were standing there introduced themselves as representatives of the gas company. Apparently, there had been complaints about gas leaks throughout the neighborhood and they were making rounds with everyone to make sure everyone was safe.

My fiancé told them to come in and led one of them to the basement to check the furnace while the other went into the kitchen to check the stove. I walked in behind him and told him that we didn’t have a gas stove. That’s when he attacked. He turned to me and said he already knew that as he grabbed me around the waist and carried me to the living room. I was trying to fight him off but he was a pretty big man. As I started to scream out for my fiancé the guy put his hand over my mouth preventing my voice from carrying very far.

Whispering in my ear as we moved to the living room he told me that if I wanted my man to be okay I better be quiet and cooperate.

Tears were leaking from my eyes before I even realized that I was crying. When he asked if I understood I only nodded my head in resignation. He tossed me onto the couch and pulled out a rope from his bag. I hoped my fiancé would get back up here quickly. I’m sure he had no clue that I had been attacked by the second man that he let into our home.

The intruder ripped my shirt from my body before he bound my hands behind my back. I was sitting there in nothing but a bra and shorts begging him to let me go. He only laughed saying that if I was good and cooperated then I would end up liking this just as much as they would. There was no way I would enjoy this. They were going to rape me and possibly hurt my fiancé. I was scared.

After I was bound he wasted no time at all. He ripped my shorts off of me and grabbed my legs, spreading them far apart as he attacked my pussy with his mouth. I tried not to like it but holy shit that man could eat pussy! His tongue was doing some amazing things to my clit and I let out an involuntary moan.

That’s when he looked up at me and said, “See, I told you you’d like this!”

Just as he pulled his cock out of his pants I heard footsteps as the other man and my fiancé made their way back up from the basement. This was it; I was finally going to be saved. Or so I thought. When my fiancé saw what was going on he started to run to me but the other guy grabbed his arm and yanked him back. He was pushed down into a chair by the guy that had escorted him to the basement. He told him to be good and sit still or they would hurt me. Do you think he listened? Or do you think he still tried to save me while I was being attacked by his friend even after what he was told? You can wait until I post the conclusion or give me a call and I’ll tell you what happened.

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