Assaholics Anonymous: The Bar Fuck Story

We all came together that night with one thing in common. We are all assaholics. The meeting began as we all gathered in the semi-circle seats. My sponsor Jade* stood up.” Hi my name Jade” The group responded, “Hi Jade.” She continued,  “I am an assaholic. I am the leading the assaholics group tonight. Is there anyone here tonight with a testimony or a group activity idea.” Everyone stared at each other then I got up and said “Hi, my name is Saige. I have a story to share.” Jade said, “Go ahead Saige, you have the floor.” I exhaled a breath and then began, “Well last night, I found myself in a bar not too far from my home. I was with one of my friends Harper and our plan was to get wasted and get fucked.”

Little did she know it was my asshole that I was hoping for a good pounding.

Little time passed before a few guys sent us drinks. We took them politely but held no interest in the men sending them. Then he walked in, I don’t know his name but I knew that he would give my ass the pounding it desperately needed. He sat at the end of the bar and our eyes met as he ordered himself a drink. He grabbed his drink and headed toward me. I smiled he eyed me suggestively and asked What are you looking for? I laughed and asked him what do you mean.He took the tip of his finger and drew an imaginary line from my mouth all the way to my pussy. My body shivered. He laughed and said follow me. Then he grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the bar where the restrooms were.

He shoved me into to a stall and whispered. I know what you need bend over for me.

I bent over the toilet as he spread my legs and lifted my skirt. He slapped my ass and smiled as he discovered I was panty-less. What an amazing ass you have. I giggled as he began to caress my already wet pussy. He kneeled down and began to devour. I moaned but he knew that not what I really wanted. He took the juice from my dripping pussy and rubbed it on my taut asshole. That ass needs to be drilled. I spread my legs wider as I felt the head of his cock press against my asshole. My pussy dripped in anticipation.Seconds in one swift move he entered my ass and began pounding me. I screamed as he continued then I felt his hand reach around and he began to slap my pussy.

I couldn’t take it anymore. He began to scream himself I’m cumming as he shot a huge load in my ass.

My pussy gushed with delight leaving a puddle on the tiled floor. He removed himself from me and said Thank you. He smiled and said I want your pussy next time. This bar two weeks from now be here same time. He walked away from as I asked him his named. I cleaned myself off ad ran out of the bathroom. Looked for my stranger and he was gone. I went back to the bar and sat next to Harper. Hey she said satisfied now. I smiled and said yes but did you see the guy I was with? She said no let’s do some body shots. As the bartender poured tequila on my navel and Harper began to slurp I thought about the lovely ass pounding I just received and looked forward to meeting my stranger again.

Hopefully I find out his name.

I looked around my anon group and realized every group member was engaged in ass related activities. I looked around for someone who was free. In the midst of the orgasmic commotion standing in the corner was my stranger. He walked toward me and said Hi My name is Blake and I am an assaholic. How about we joined the group?…I smiled and hiked my skirt preparing myself for the second best ass pounding ever.

Are you a part of assaholics anonymous?

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