The art of ass worship is easy to perfect. Especially if you have a good teacher. I’m almost positive you are a fast learner and eager to please.  I get extremely turned on when a man loves to worship my sexy tight ass.  Are you ready to impress me with your amazing ass licking and eating skills? <slapping my ass> “Step right up and slip inside. Ass licking 101 in now in session.”

I enjoy having my pussy licked, but I love my ass worshiped even more. Are you ready to explore ass-licking on a higher level? You need to have a mindset on licking and worshiping ass like a pro. Imagine being presented a perfect ass like mine. Its all about pleasing me.  Start with a taste of me, a smell of me, a lick of me — like you are starving.  Your only desire and craving are to pleasure me.

I love teasing you with my tight short skirts or sexy skin-tight jeans that cling to my perfect curves. I want to build your anticipation. Ready for a little tease and denial? You can’t think of anything else.  You are dying to slide your tongue deep into my tight little hole. Edging yourself along, as you undress me with your eyes. With each piece of clothes you remove, you leave a trail of unforgettable licks and kisses or desire. I can’t get enough of you. Placing your head between my creamy thighs, brushing your lips across my clit. I want more I arch my back, as you slip your hands under my cheeks and lift my ass to your hungry tongue. Tease tease, I can’t take anymore. Give me what I need.

Hungry to please me, your stiff tongue swirls in light little circles around my little starfish. I push back against your tongue as your nose takes in my beautiful scent.  Flickering and sucking my tight bunghole, I squeal in ecstasy. Taste and worship me, leave me begging for me. There are so many fetishes and fantasies we can explore that include erotic ass worship. Have a flavor for the cheating wife with her BBC lover – Cream pie and cuckold husband?

Would you like to be my naughty ass-worshiping lover? Image the endless times I  can tease and deny you.  Come jerk off with me, as we explore your fantasy.  Let’s create our own fantasy or let me tease you with my personal ass-worship experiences.  Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking. Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


Kiss Kiss


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