Ass worship is what I’ve had the desire for lately.  So after several weeks in quarantine for the coronavirus, I was in need of an absolute ass lover.  I don’t mean a guy that sees a girl with a pretty round ass and you say to your friend “nice ass”.  What I want is an Ass Worshiper!!

What is Ass Worship?

Ass worship is a type of worship that one would offer his or her Mistress.  This can be particularly satisfying for someone with an ass fetish. It is an expression of submissive worship in a Mistress/slave relationship. Generally, ass worship is performed by my submissive inserting his face into the space between the cheeks of your mistress. This practice is usually done when the male buries his face into my luscious ass, enjoying my ass cheeks pressing against his face, smelling me, and finally tasting me. So, ask yourself, Are you ready to worship this ass?

The look on your face tells me you are ready to serve and worship.  Your mouth is practically drooling as I untie the belt to the thin satin robe and revealed the sexy lingerie underneath.   You start rushing over, but I stop you in your tracks.  I  put up my hand to keep you at bay.  “Not so fast Mister!”   I command you to get undress and stand before me naked.   Liking what I see, I continue to allow my robe to fall from my shoulders and hit the floor.

Time for a little teasing!

I walk over to the king-size bed in my lingerie, stockings, and stilettos.  I can feel your eyes taking in the entire view.  Seductively climbing in the bed, making sure to arch my back when I am bending over.  Because it’s important that you get to see your meal on display.  You are definitely enjoying to view and realizing that I truly have an ass that deserves to be worshiped.   Beg for it!  That right I want you so turned on that you beg for it.   How fucking hot it would be, you getting onto your hands and knees, crawling over to me begging me to, touch, taste, and smell this delicious ass of mine. You long to get close enough to touch and kiss each ass cheek.

Finally, I allow your tongue to trace along my hips.  You take your time, kissing and licking your way over my perfectly round ass.  Pulling my cheeks apart your tongue seductively glides over the lace of my thong panties.  Your hands caressing and loving on my soft round ass,  as I allow you to remove my now soaked and wet panties.  The excitement that my sexy cakes bring to you is priceless.

My favorite seat!

Your balls get heavier with each lap and lick of this delicious bootie treat.  Now I am ready to take my favorite seat, your face.  Sitting on your face and smothering you with these luscious buns has me so wet.  Grinding my pussy and ass all over your face is such a turn on.  I can’t get enough and neither can you.  You indulge in the essence of my sweet and sexy ass and I love it.

You’ve been longing for the perfect princess to bury your face in her tight ass.  The right princess that will allow you to serve her and give her the ass worship she deserves has alluded you in the past.  However, today is your lucky day.  You have finally found the perfect Mistress for the task.  So if you enjoy hot  Ass Licking, Ass Sniffing,  and  Ass Fucking I have everything you need.  All you need is Mallory for the best Ass Worship Phone Sex!

ass licking