I could feel his eyes watching every step that I took. When I finally turned around I asked if there was something I could help him with. All he could do was lick his lips though. I knew what was on hs mind, it was me and my tasty body. I continued to walk in front of him, my ass swinging side to side as my skirt gripped tightly around my hips. I knew he was my boss, but it seems I has something he liked, so now I held all of the power.

It wasn’t even 10 minutes later and he was calling me over the intercom into his office. He asked me to come on in. I knew what was on his mind already. He asked me to have a seat and pointed to the chair in front of his desk. I knew it was his face he would rather I sit on though. The thought even made me chuckle. He went to hand me a paper print out of my next assignment. Of course he missed my hand and it went right onto the floor. I got up out of my chair, turned my ass towards him and bent over to get it.

I could hear the groan as my tight ass poked out so that he could see it. Keeping it right into the air I decided to engage him in a little adult chat fun. “Sir, are you looking at my ass,” I asked sweetly and inncoenlty. I kind of chuckled, he shook his head no and then switched it to a quick yes. I knew he was into ass worship I could see it on his face. I slowly pulled my skirt up letting him see my sexy ass cheeks and black thong. He did not even hesitate to come over and sandwich his face between my buns.

Now I know how this guy got his job by ass sniffing, because that is exactly what he was doing. His nose was planted between my buns and he was inhaling the fragrance of my sweet anal aroma right into his lungs. Wildly he gripped at my thong unrolling it down so he could revel in my ass hole. He began to groan like he was a caveman. It was hot, but after all he was my boss. I decided to top it off with a little tease and denial, bumping him from my ass and heading for the door. “Sir, I was wondering, I think I qualify for a raise right?” I chuckled and shut the door behind me, leaving him like a sad little puppy with blue balls.

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