Ass Worship is Something I CRAVE!

Some may say that I am lucky, or blessed. I like to say that I am gifted. Gifted with an bootylicious rump that deserves to have ass worship reformed by men and sissy’s alike. Anyone and everyone would love to stick their face between my sweet ass cheeks! Like I said, I can’t blame them. If I had a cock I would want to sandwich my hot dog between these buns too! I mean, just look at how tasty it is. I met this guy at the club and he could not take his eyes off my ass. He said it was like the perfect flower sitting on top of my long stems.

He was totally right to! So I did what any other chick would do and I brought him back to my place. If he was enamored by my ass I would make him my anal junkie. I had him sit on my couch and slipped into a sexy little number. When I came out of my room looking sexy in red, he did not have to say a thing. It showed not only on his face but with the bulge in the front of his pants as I spun around poking my ass out towards him.

At first I teased him, swaying my hips side to side. He grabbed it and I backed up towards him allowing him to kiss on my sexy cheeks. From there it was over, he was hooked. He sniffed in the smell of anal essence and bit onto it. Grabbing my thing in his hand he moved it to the side and I bent over. He kissed and sucked on my tight ass hole as I whimpered and moaned. He really knew how to give a great rim job!

I moaned wildly as he continued to rub and caress my rump. I could feel him pull closer to me. His cock was still in his pants and then it wasn’t. He grabbed it out and with one hand teased my tight ass hole and with the other one spread my ass cheek apart. Then he fucked me hard! I loved every second of his deep penetration and what I loved even more was him filling me with his warm cum loads!

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