Ass To Mouth Clean Up

Have you ever wondered what your own ass tastes like? Well I’m here to help you. Drop to your knees in front of me as I pull my black panties to the side and show you my hard, pretty cock. Don’t just look at it!! Suck it! Tonight you will go Ass to Mouth!

I want you to put some effort in! Use your tongue to slowly tickle the underside of the tip of my dick while it’s in your mouth, and use your hand to stroke me!! I’m going to reach down and put my hand on the back of your head so when I feel the back of your throat, I can push further, making you gag a little and flood my cock with nice thick drool.

I’m laying back, watching you sucking me off, your head bobbing up and down as my shaft slides in and out of your hot, wet mouth. Your eyes looking up at me with a mixture of pleasure and anticipation. I stroke your head and remind you to get it really really wet, because that’s the only kind of lube we’re using today, sweetie pie.

Now stand up, take your pants off, turn around and bend over. Put your palms flat on the bed. I’m going to kick your feet out so you’re nice and spread. Arch your back!! I’m going to slide four fingers into your mouth and down your throat, so that you gag again and make my fingers nice and juicy. You feel me move my fingers from your mouth to your asshole, and I roughly grease it with two of my drool fingers. I slide my fingers in and out, stretching you, but don’t whimper like a baby!

I position the tip of my cock right on the tight little ring of your asshole, and you feel me start to push inside you…

Think you could take an ass pounding from me?  I like to fuck little boys like you hard and rough, and I will make you my bitch. After I’m done with your ass you will have to clean my dick and make it like new. All the shit and blood and cum, ass to mouth. Think you can handle that?

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