Ass sniffing is a super hot fetish!

Have you ever just been to the gym and got really sweaty and possibly a little smelly? Have you ever had someone who wanted to just stick their noses right in between your ass cheeks? And breathe in the smell that is your ass. Now, ass sniffing may seem strange BUT it is seriously one of the hottest things that anyone has ever fucking done to me! I know, I know. It seems a little strange to some but to me I fucking love it!

One time there was this guy who just loved my ass. And of course, I can totally understand that but he just didn’t want to just grab it or lick it or slap it. No, he wanted more than that. I didn’t know that ass sniffing was his thing until one night after I came home from the gym. He greeted me at the door and give me a big kiss and I told him to watch out because I got very smelly at the gym. And he asked if I had sweat a lot in a personal place. More specifically, my ass!

I stood in awe. I had never been asked that question before and wondered what made him say it. But I just looked at him and smiled and I told him that I did sweat a lot in between my ass cheeks and if he wanted he could put his hand in between them and check for himself. So he got very close to me and stuck his hand down my yoga pants.. And underneath my white cotton panties. And felt how sweaty it was in my ass. He got so turned on that very moment he grabbed on to yoga pants and practically ripped them off of me!

He laid on the floor and begged for me to squat over top of him and let him begin ass sniffing through my panties. I happily obliged and squatted with my ass right on his nose. He was so happy and took in a really big whiff. And his cock even harder than it was before. Never had I had anyone who wanted to do this before and it seemed slightly strange to me before but now it was so fucking hot.

Who knew that something like ass sniffing would be such a turn-on.

For your own fantasy, just call me! And for more sex stories, just stay tuned. 😉

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