The Gym Pervert Has An Ass Sniffing Fetish

Every gym has its perverts and mine was no exception. I actually had a game I liked to play with all of them. I would wear the most provocative clothes just to keep them on their toes. Tight see through leggings and sports bras. Sometimes even throwing in really tiny shorts in the mix. One night everything changed though. The gym was almost empty and I decided to wear just my little thong to work out. I guess the only pervert that took the bait had an ass sniffing fetish I didn’t know about.

I hopped on the exercise bike and started peddling slow and then picked up the pace. Soon after I was dripping in sweat, with my headphones on listening to my work out playlist. When I finally looked up and looked in the mirror right in front of me I could see him. There he was, standing right in back of me hypnotized by round ass. I turned back and took off my headphones. The 24-hour gym was not empty, only him and I were in that big room full of equipment. I smiled and told him to go ahead and touch it. He did something better.

The gym pervert pressed his nose up against my butthole. With his hands, he spread my perfectly round cheeks and kept taking in all my sweet, sweat ass had to offer. I reached back and moved my little thong to the side and just like that his tongue was inside me. Tasting me as I resumed with my work out. I was peddling slow and enjoying his tongue and I was letting out little moans here and there. I opened my eyes and I could see his reflection in the mirror.

He was jerking off and he came hard after only a bit.

On my way home I had a good laugh at the whole thing thinking about the person who happened to watch everything on the security cams.

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