I’ve been seeing this man for a while now. He’s not just any man though, he’s a married man. Judge all you want, the sex is fucking amazing. I do everything for him that he’s missing at home. When he tells me things that he has fantasized about I want to make them happen. But when those things happen to be fantasies that he hasn’t even been able to tell his own wife, now those are higher on my priority list!

So, when we were in the middle of a really naughty texting session and he confessed to me that he thinks he might like his ass played with I wanted to do it for him. He said he had never told anyone about it but he has lightly played with it a little himself with his finger. Hmm…the wheels were turning in my head and I couldn’t wait for our next secret time together. If ass play was what he wanted, then ass play was what he was going to get!

He came over that weekend while his wife was away at her parents’ house.

I had him ALL night!! He had no idea what I had planned and probably had already put it all in the back of his mind as he usually does after he tells me stuff. We were lying on the bed naked after pretty much attacking each other when he came in the door. After a week apart we go a little crazy. The door barely even closes behind him before I am all over him. We are kissing, tearing at each other’s clothes, and fucking hard. Never fails. Once that is out of our system we rest for a little bit which was what we were doing then. Well, I was ready to give him more.

I moved from his arms, gave him a deep kiss, and then started to trail little kisses down his body. I sucked his cock for a little bit and then came the surprise. Then I traced my tongue down his balls to his taint but I didn’t stop there. I continued on the path all the way back to that puckered little asshole and began rimming it with my tongue. The moan of pleasure that escaped his mouth encouraged me on further. I stuck out my tongue making it as hard as I could and started to fuck his hole with it.

Once it was nice and wet from my spit I moved back to his taint, then to his balls where I sucked for a moment. I sucked my finger into my mouth making sure it was nice and wet. As my other hand gripped his cock, lifting it for easier access to my mouth, my wet finger traced around the edge of his ass.


I slid my finger inside of him a little at a time while I pumped his cock with my other hand and mouth.

His cock reached the back of my throat at the same time I had worked the rest of my finger deep in his tight ass hole. I began working it in and out nice and slow while I stroked and sucked his cock. I knew just where his prostate was but I wanted to give him time to enjoy this. So I continued on him randomly speeding up and slowing down again. I loved watching the pleasure on his face turn more intense as he got closer to cumming only to slow my pace again and bring him back down.

I edged him like this for about 20 minutes and knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more. Buried my finger deep inside his ass, pressed that magical spot that I knew would drive him mad with pleasure and began to wiggle my finger over it as I sucked him off.

I knew it wouldn’t take him long. His body began to tense and the look on his face was priceless as he dumped the biggest load of cum I had ever seen from him right into my mouth. His cum shot out and hit the back of my throat with so much force that I started to gag a little bit. I recovered quickly and made sure not to waste any of that hot seed.

I milked every drop from his deflating cock licking it all from his tiny slit as I slid my finger out of his ass.

Before I swallowed I wanted him to see just how much proof I had in my mouth that he really did like some naughty ass play! I opened my mouth to show him my reward before closing it again, swallowing it all down and giving him a little peck on the lips. You can always count on this dirty girl to make your dreams come alive! Give me a call and tell me all your naughty secret fantasies!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke