Ass Play, Featuring Booty And The Beast!

Who doesn’t love ass play? Whether it be with your hands, your face, your tongue or your cock… can’t get enough of this tight, dirty ass hole!! Hmmmm and I love it! The more you crave it, the more I want it…I love how much you worship my ass. Love even more when you stick that beastly cock right in my poop shoot with no lube….oh my gawsh that feels amazing and hurts sooo good!! I want you to imagine for a moment, the sound of my gasp as you plunge that fuck stick in.

I love to role play with you! Your imagination is nothing short of amazing and you know exactly what to do, to get my motor going. You know to get my juices flowing and how to get my ass to pucker right up! I love the damsel in destress role we play out, where I am a princess and you’re a sexually deviant beast. You workship and ravage my body, like a wild animal. I love the way your facial hair tickles my dirty little ass, when you lick it! It’s fun for me, because I get to dress up and you get to let out your animalistic side! Mounting my ass, like I am your bitch in heat…hearing you pant in my ear, is one of my most favorite sounds in the world!

Then we have our poor little rich girl role plays and you take your hatred out on my ass, then feel guilty about it and coddle my ass….hahahah I love it!

I love to watch you suffer and work through your mixed emotions, like a sad widdle puppy dog! When I flip the script and MAKE you worship my ass, like a privlidged whore, you bow down like the dumb bitch that you are. That’s when I get to abuse your cock and face with my ass….that’s when my sexually deviant side gets to cum out and boy do I make you SUFFER!!

Sometimes it turns me on, for you to sneak up behind me in the parking garage and begin your assault there. You make it so real, so scary and soooo hot all at the same time. The way you grab me by my hair and slam me up against the car, is enough to sent me throught the fucking roof, yet real enough to get my hydrenelin pump. I really appreciate the fact that my back windows are tinted and you’re able to take me right then and there! And just as quickly as it began, you blow your loan and scurry off into the darkness, then cum home later that evening like nothing ever happened.

You know, I really want to tell you my most favorite thing about the way you worship my ass!

I want to listen as you blow your load, while I describe for you everything I like, in great detail! Hmmmmm how fun!! If anal play is yuor forte’, then this naughty vixen is the PSO for you! Join me for phone sex and limitless ass play!

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