A little ass licking among friends

“Hey what are you doing tonight?” It was James, an old fuck buddy of mine who hadn’t called in a while.  “It could be you if you are willing to do a little ass licking to make up for not calling me,” I said.  He laughed and said, “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

Twenty minutes later, I opened the door wearing a tight dress that was a little too short, my ass peeking out a little. When I turned to walk toward my room, I could hear James draw his breath in quickly as he saw my black thong poking out. I may have pulled my dress up as I walked to give him a bit more of a show.  Gotta make sure the ass licking is going to happen somehow, right? You have to have a bit of teasing before the show, right?

We got to my bed and I crawled on it, my ass in the air.  James started to lick it, kissing it all over my round cheeks, and sliding his tongue under my thong.  I couldn’t wait, I needed the ass licking I was about to get. He slid my now wet panties off so he could get to my tight asshole.

His wet tongue circled my dirty hole.

His tongue went deep into my asshole.  I shuddered with pleasure.  He pulled his tongue out and licked around my hole.  I felt a tingle in my clit as he licked, so I reached down and started to rub myself as he sucked on my ass.

I came hard as he shoved his tongue into my asshole again.

Breathing hard, James fell next to me on the bed and grinned.

“Thanks for coming,” I said. “I haven’t had an ass licking like that in a long time.”

Next time, we’ll have to get that big black cock in my ass!


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