Anal Sex is a Great Way to Still Fuck When We’re Out of Condoms

I love anal sex. And I really like anal sex when I forget to bring condoms! That’s the beauty of anal, you never have to worry about pregnancy!

I started having anal sex when I was a teenager. My parents couldn’t know I was having sex, so I couldn’t be caught with condoms! I also wasn’t ready to have a baby, so I needed to find somewhere else for the cum to go.

My lovers would cum in different places, on my face, on my tits, on my ass. It could get pretty messy and while that was really hot, sometimes I didn’t have time to clean up before going home. Kind of hard to pretend you’re a virgin when you come home with cum in your hair!

Instead, I started having anal sex. I told my lovers exactly how I liked to be fucked in my ass. First, I would tell them to lick my asshole. I would tell them to spit on my asshole to get it all lubed up. Then I told them to slowly slide their big cock inside me.

Pull My Hair!

Once they have their big cock in me, they start to slowly move in and out of my tight hole. I usually have my hair up in a ponytail and I love it when it’s pulled while I’m being fucked. So far, all of the men I’ve fucked like to pull it, too.

Then it’s on to the hard pounding.  I get my ass pounded hard while I rub my clit. It doesn’t take very long until I’m cumming hard on that big cock and he cums deep inside me, too. Then I just pull my panties up and head home like a dirty little slut.


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