I Want To Get Ass Fucked Tonight!

I am getting ass fucked tonight. Whether it be by you or my big fat dildo. What is it with you tonight? I even wore my sexy little tight dress that just makes my bum look so big and round and still nothing. All you have been doing is sitting there, watching your football. I mean, I would of let you watch it while you were fucking me. No need to turn off that tv. I won’t stop teasing you till you notice me.

I am going to put on some sexy lingerie and walk around your place in very high heels. If that doesn’t do the trick then I don’t know what will. Oh, I’ve caught your attention now. Do you like it when I bend over and you can see both of my little holes from behind. I always let you choose but not tonight. Tonight I want you to fuck me deep in the ass. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt me. I have actually been preparing for it all day long. First though, you have to eat it. You have to stick your tongue in my butthole and get it all slippery.

You are so good at it. So good that my pussy is throbbing and hot and dripping while I have your tongue in my ass. I know you are ready to fuck me now. Just imagine how I feel since I’ve been wanting to have you deep in me since last night. Bend me over, just like that. Ass up in the air and push my face in the pillows. Que rico papi! I love it when you give it to me like that. Nice and slow so I can feel that dick of yours stretching my ass.

It’s your turn to tell me what do you want next.

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