So I run a pretty awesome Sex Shop. More like a sex toy shop. I always get this image in my mind’s eye of what I would LOVE to say to a customer when he is panning around for a new personal toy. I imagine I walk up to him like I do anyone and ask the basic question “Can I help you with anything?” I usually hear, “What’s the best toy to get me off” or “I wanna try something new. What do you have in mind?”

What I would LOVE to respond with is “Why don’t you try me on?”  The same guy comes in once a month for new items to spice things up. Busy guy, with no time for a girlfriend but not huge into dating. He told me he is kinda shy and not into randoms.

I would love to tell him one day that he should take my pussy for a run. Take him by the hand and pull him into my little office. Slid my skirt up and bend over my desk.

Wiggle my ass and coax a nice huge hard-on.

I love that little blush he gets when I talk vulgarly, I would tell him to drop his pants and hand me that nice dick. I would squeeze his cock between my ass cheeks like a delicious hotdog going into a bun. Coat his cock in my wet cunt juice. Once it’s all slippery, dip the head into my twat and start twerking up and down his pole. I want to drive him to the point of taking control of my hips and slamming his full length into me.

I want this man. So I crave this man. I want him to push to the hilt and pull out just before he cums. I want that hot milk all over my huge tits and mouth. I’m all about being a messy girl.

Sadly I haven’t worked up the guts to say such a bold thing. Would love for someone to role play it with me to see how it might go! I love my sex toy!

 Call me for a good time!

Sweet Phone Sex

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke