Aroused by cross dressing.  You never thought it would come to this.

Aroused by cross dressing is definitely going to get you into trouble.

“Oh, and one more thing,” I call out to all of my store ‘mannequins’.  “If you move, you’re fired without being paid for the day.  It said this on your contract, but I thought I’d reiterate to be clear.”

So now you’re standing in a shopping mall window with dozens of eyes combing over your entire person.  You wonder if they are merely intrigued by the notion of live mannequins or if they’re starting to realize that you’re really a dude in skirt and high heels.  Admittedly, you’ve never felt prettier.  Not that you’ve tried.  You remember looking at yourself in the mirror.  It was like looking at a long lost twin sister.  The girls in the back made you over in almost every way, from your nails to your hair and so on.  There’s just one issue; you’re starting to get hard.

You don’t know why your body is reacting this way.

Maybe it’s because you haven’t gotten any in a while.  You try to convince yourself of this lie as more people gather.  The panties are so tight around your cock, but your cock mere presses forth dangerously.  If only you could adjust yourself.  You glance over jealously at the men who actually got to wear men’s clothes.  It wasn’t fair!

Hours roll by…

You try to think of ever unsexy thing you can.  Even your grandma’s feet.  Still, you remain at a torturous half chub for the duration as women stare at you with growing interest.  Your break will be here soon.  Maybe you can find a quiet place to take care of business and tuck your cock away for the rest of the day.  Suddenly, a finger points directly at your crotch as a woman nudges her friend to get her attention as well.

Uh oh.  Was the jig up?

You can’t hear them through the glass, but their smiles are all you need.  Someone laughs.  Another takes a picture.  Just a minute or so more.  It can’t be that much longer.  You feel something slip below the waist and, despite the glass barrier, you can hear the gasps of all the women who’ve gathered.  There was no question about it.  You slipped out of your panties.  Oh man, you want to cum so badly.  Worse still, you WANT them to watch you cum in those purple, lace panties.  You can feel your ballsack church from their attention.  It’s so hot that they’re watching you!


All over the glass, several strings of cum shoot into the protected faces of your audience.  It is then that a hand taps you on the shoulder.

“Break time!” they say in a friendly voice before their eyes fall upon the impressive yet very inappropriate mess you’ve made of the window.

Perfect timing…

Are you a hands-free shooter who is aroused by cross-dressing?  That might get you into trouble.  Call my phone sex line and let’s put your willpower to the test.