Dirty diaper boy Daniel comes to class

Dirty diaper boy goes to his first day of school.  I remember being so confused about the new big boy in class. He was so much older than us, but still dressed like a little boy. His shirt was a bit too small, and he sucked on a pacifier. I was just a little girl, but I hadn’t touched a pacifier in years.  The weirdest thing about him, however, was the fact that he wore a big, crinkly diaper that made a lot of noise whenever he walked.

He was like a huge baby!

I overheard his daddy and the teacher talking before he left.  His mommy was too sad to come apparently.  His daddy thanked her for taking him on because most teachers refused to change someone that much older. He said his mommy had coddled him for so long that he never really grew up properly. He was hoping that being around other kids — especially smaller kids who were still way ahead of him — would trigger something in his brain and cause him to put childish things behind him. She smiled and assured him that he’d be well taken care of by the entire class.

It was time for class to start.

We all sat on the carpet while our teacher introduced us to the big boy.

“Everyone? This is Daniel. He’s a little different as you can see.”

“Isn’t he too big for diapers?” the naughty boy in class called out of turn. He was saying what we were all thinking, and we all laughed.

Clearly, Daniel didn’t think it was so funny. He became visibly nervous and started to whimper.

“That’s enough! Daniel still needs one because he is very sensitive right now. If the whole class helps him by being good big brothers and sisters, I’m sure that…”

“Look!” The naughty boy shouted and pointed.

Baby Daniel’s diaper started swelling like crazy right in front of everyone and we could hear hot liquid squirting out of him. He was going right in front of us! I never knew a diaper could get so big! We could tell by his expression that it must have been a huge relief. He sighed and shook the last of it all out.

“Eeeeewww! He peed!” Everyone said uproariously.

But that wasn’t even the worst part. He’d peed so much that his diaper fell right off, showing everyone the tiniest penis in the world!  How could we not laugh?!

“He’s so small!” I cried.

“How could a pee pee so small make so much…pee pee?!” another girl replied.

Daniel blushed and covered up, but it was too late. We were too young to even realize it, but he was hard, too! But the teacher saw it and snickered a little bit at it before attempting to calm the class down. Dirty diaper boy Daniel had definitely made the first impression and probably knew that this kind of teasing would only be the beginning for him.

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