No Limits Girl Scout Sex Is Going To Help Me Sell My Cookies!

I’m going to win this cookie-selling contest one way or another. Hmm, I wonder if throwing some no limits girl scout sex in will sweeten the deal for potential customers? Well, this is a good time to test it out and see if it helps. Single guys or married guys first? It doesn’t matter to me, as long as I’m getting what I want! I’m a selfish girl and I don’t ever let something as silly as a wife get in my way.

I slip into last year’s girl scout uniform so that it’s a little shorter and snugger than it should be. This big house looks like the perfect spot to try out my new no limits girl scout sex sales strategy. I wait until I see your wife and kids are gone for the day before I ring your doorbell. Can I please come inside and show you my cookie catalog? My girl scout troop is selling cookies and they have some pretty awesome prices for the girl that sells the most cookies. I would really love for that to be me. I’m sliding extra close to you on the sofa so my thigh is brushing up against yours.

Help me get an extra special prize and I’ll give you an extra special prize! Tell me what you want right now more than anything? Your eyes are sliding up and down my body and that is one huge bulge in the front of your pants? Want me to give you a little preview of just how grateful I’ll be? Watch me stand up and bend over to grab my toes. My pretty little round ass is on display as I wriggle it back and forth.

What do you think of my tiny little white cotton panties?

Do you like how they cling to my puffy pink pussy lips? Do you have a cotton panty fetish? Here, let me slide your zipper down for you. Oh wow, your cock is humongous! It’s so big and hard. Watch as I slowly swirl my wet pink tongue around your mushroom head and open my bubble pink lips nice and wide. Wanna see how much of you I can take down my throat? Look at how you’re poking my cheeks out so much! Your cock is such a mouthful that my eyes are starting to water.

What do you think of my special no-limits girl scout sex preview? You’re enjoying my hot little mouth so much that you’ve got so much pre-cum dripping onto my tongue. Just imagine how much better my tight bald pussy will feel wrapped around your cock? My waist is so tiny you can just lift me right up and sit me down on that raging hard-on. But first, you’ve got to buy all my cookies! That way I don’t have to waste time ringing other doorbells. Instead, I can spend all that time here being a good little fuck doll for you! I say we fuck in your bed, where your wife sleeps next to you every night!

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke